Michael J Eberhardt
Social Security & Retirement Income Specialist


Michael is a personal adviser and coach. He provides advice to people on Social Security, Income, and Estate Planning issues. With over 20 years of training and experience, he knows what it takes to maximize safe investing and a guaranteed income.  Moreover, He has authored a book on his niche titled, “How to Maximize Social Security” – The New Retirement Basics.

In 2014, Michael became a prominent member SOFA (Society for Financial Awareness)- a non-profit Public Benefit Organization as an Educational Speaker, sharing his expertise in Retirement Planning Options to help eradicate financial illiteracy through a series of workshops.​

Mr. Michael uses his life experiences to save families and businesses to avoid costly financial and personal mistakes. His mission began in 1996 after the death of his father following an extended nursing home stay that wiped-out the family’s life savings, leaving his mother to survive on Social Security only. While he was not aware of it at the time, there are federal laws in place to protect the “well spouse” (his mother) if you are prepared and familiar with this rule in advance.​


Michael understands that there’s not one single approach that is right for every individual which he has trained for a range of modalities including Social Security Planning, Inflation Preparation, Asset Protection, Long-Term-Care, Tax, Estate and Legacy Planning. Nevertheless, Michael has helped hundreds of baby boomers and retirees, plan for asset protection, Medicaid planning, and tax planning.

 Michael has assisted hundreds both individuals and businesses with his cutting-edge workshops and one on one consultations with income planning concepts to guarantee retirement income and asset protection in retirement.  His mission remains to see that this does not have to happen to any other families.

Amongst all, you stand a chance of gaining more knowledge from his workshops. Contact his office for a complimentary one-on-one consultation or to inquire about a workshop in your area.