Annuity Arbitrage:

  • Annuities grow tax-deferred

Betty & Robert postponed their divorce to benefit the other for Social Security Benefits. 

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Definition of Arbitrage - 
Past Success Stories

Gary & Linda was able to increase their Social Security $11,000 a year. 

Patti discovered she was entitled to benefits from her first husband..

Don & Geneva were shocked to learn they were paying more than 3% in annual fees.  

Joan and Berry will now protect 1/2 of their assets from a nursing home spend-down.

Robert was disappointed to learn he could have avoided early withdrawal penalties from his IRA.

Presented by Michael J Eberhardt, a Social Security and Retirement Income Planning Specialist and President of the East Valley Chapter of SOFA, a Non-Profit Public Service Organization.

 (the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.)

Tips to change your tax and benefit position with you Life & Annuity Policy

  • Most annuities have fees or spreads

  • Annuities can provide a partial tax free income

  • Tax-Free transfers can avoid fees and improve earnings

  • Arbitrage options can remove tax liability for you and heirs

Life Insurance Arbitrage


  • Trade you current policy for a larger death benefit

  • Can your death benefit be used for Tax-free long-term care, or;

  • Tax-free convalescent care

  • Your cash value may be able to provide tax-free income if needed.

  (taxes must be paid by someone - you or your beneficiaries) 

  (in many cases fees could be up to 3% annually) 

  (this is known as an exclusion rate and can only be triggered in certain situations) 

  (special options can result in larger payouts and tax exclusion) 

  (many older annuities have higher expenses and lower earning potential) 

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