Ways To Improve Your  Outcome !

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Changes for 2018

The 2018 changes have removed and reduced some benefits, however, there are still more than 500 ways to file for your Social Security benefits. In this workshop, we will discuss some of the overlooked filing strategies that can increase your checks by up to 70%.  

Common Social Security Mistakes
Your Money & Income
  • Filing too early 

  • Failing to claim spousal add-on income

  • Subjecting your Benefits to Penalties

  • Failing to claim Divorce or Survivor Benefits

  • Paying taxes on your benefits that could be avoided

  • Failing to select the option to protect the spouse

  • What you don't know about your 401k

  • How to avoid the fees that can reduce income 20-30%

  • A personal pension you cannot outlive

  • Replace lost income from the death of a spouse

  • What you don't know about your Life Insurance policy

  • How to insure your investments from loss.

  • Learn about a tax-free retirement account that never loses money with great returns.  

Result of Planning

Patti is Collecting Her Ex-Husbands Social Security and Her's Is Growing 8% Every Year - Guaranteed... 

Joan was able to protect income and assets from Berry's nursing home spend-down. 

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Don & Geneva saved 3% in annual  investment fees.

Bill "57" discovered he could withdraw from his IRA without paying tax  penalties. 

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Betty & David postponed their divorce so she could  collect Social Security benefits from her husband.  

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