People we have helped.

Thank you for your help, we were shocked to learn that Gary would receive over $38,000 in benefits from me while he waited for his benefit to pay him $987.00 more every month starting at age 70.

Gary (66) & Linda (63)

I am so glad we met you, I was very surprised to learn that Jovelyn could receive part of my Social Security even though she is from the Philippines.


 Fred & Jovelyn


The spreadsheet you provided us opened our eyes.  I was relieved to know that based on our lifestyle, Bill will not have to worry about going back to work. With all the trouble he's had with his diabetes, we feel so much better having the answers you were able to provide.  


Bill & Gwen



"I am so glad I came to your workshop, you were right about collecting benefits from my first husband. My broker told me I would not be eligible to receive Social Security benefits from my first husband because I remarried. I'm glad to report you were right and he was wrong.  Thank you so much for your information, I gave your number to two of my friends and told them to call you."     Geri                           


“You really opened our eyes,  we had no idea there were so many options available.  I am so glad we came to your seminar".     Sally & Ed                  

“I know you don't know me but my brother said you helped them and I would like to know if you can help us, we live in New Mexico"?    Jerry & Samantha           
Thank you for helping us understand all the fees we were paying,  if you weren't present when we called about our IRA, we would not have known what questions to ask. We were shocked to learn that we were paying almost 3% a year in fees, it's easy to understand why it hasn't performed very well. Thank you,    Jim & Maria            


My wife and I attended a Social Security seminar hosted by Michael Eberhardt. We were looking for advice on the ins and out of Social Security benefits, timing, spousal benefits, etc.   The seminar was extremely helpful. Michael did a great job of explaining the SSA system and when it would be beneficial for us to file. It did, however, open up some additional questions.

The good news is, he offers a free retirement assessment to review your personal retirement plan. We took advantage of this review and discovered a way to rework our current investments. Michael guided us through a series of investments which reduced our yearly fees by $30K and, increased our total portfolio by $80K.  In addition, Michael prepares a forecast calculation for all of your investments, including Social Security, and provides this in an easy to read Excel spreadsheet.

If you are looking for sound, trustworthy financial advice, don't hesitate to call Michael.  I would not hesitate to refer a friend or relative to Michael.      Michael S.