Retirement Social Security & Income Analysis

The following information is required for a complete Social Security and Income Analysis to illustrate the best time to file for your benefits. If you are under 66 years of age and contemplating filing for Social Security, please beware that your benefits may be subject to penalty if you are still working or anticipate going back to work prior to your FRA (Full Retirement Age.   

To find out what your FRA Social Security checks will be, you can setup an account with user name at  

In the 3 row down on this form, it ASKS for your Full Retirement Age SS.  Your FRA is based on the year you were born and the number or Dollar Amount needed will be found on the front page of your REPORT.

Working Income

If no pension, enter "None"

Add the value of your 401k, IRA or other qualified accounts and place the total in this area.

Our Analysis takes into consideration the amount of annual income you indicate in "Income Needed in Retirement plus 2.5% annual inflation to provide your income projection.  You budget should reflect what you need in retirement and not what you want,  if we project your needs, you will be able to determine what will remain for your wants.