Michael J Eberhardt

In 1981, I was living in Lincoln Nebraska, a divorced man with two daughters.  That's where I met the love of my life, my second wife Karen.  After a year of courtship we married in August of 1982 and the following August we moved where the sun shines 325 days a year, sunny Arizona. 

In February 1984 our first child Stacia was born, followed by her brother Michael in 1985 and their little sister Katelyn in 1991.   All three of our children attended and graduated from Mesquite and Gilbert Add to dictionary and all three attended college.  Karen and I are now the proud grandparents to 10 grandchildren from our blended family and are now watching them graduate high school and starting their futures. 

In 1996 my father passed after a long nursing home stay that wiped out his and mother's entire estate. My mother was left with nothing except Dad's Social Security.  I didn't realize until then how important having a plan is.  My mother lived until the day my son Michael graduated from high school in 2001.  She lived the remaining years of her life on Social Security.   

I had not learned until after dad's death that our government provides assurances for a well spouse to avoid losing everything to the ill spouse, however, it's up to you to learn how, they will not volunteer the information.  

At that point, I revamped my practice to include asset protect, safe money alternatives and estate planning with the use of special government programs available to all. That is when I started educational workshops to educate anyone who would listen about the ease and importance of planning for the unknown.

To provide financial, and asset protection education to all that will listen and learn. 

I joined the “Society for Financial Awareness” (SOFA) , a Non-Profit speakers organization, whose mission statement is "Wiping out Financial Illiteracy, one community at a time".   Now as a member I am one of their hundreds of educational volunteers nationwide.