Advanced Planning for People Over "59"


What's Ahead for You?

Hello, my name is Michael J Eberhardt with Lifetime Solutions / from Gilbert, AZ.  I have worked with retirees in the valley for more than 23 years.


If you're contemplating retirement I would like to invite you to watch this slideshow to see how I've been able to help others like you plan their retirement.  

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Linda & Gary

If You're Married and Your Or Your Spouse Was Born Between 1949 & 1954

And Haven't Filed For Social Security

You Are Eligible For More Than Most

Laws regarding Social Security have recently changed allowing married couples to collect considerably more than anyone born after January 1, 1954.

If you or your spouse were born prior to 1954, you have very little time to take advantage of this new law. 

Join us for this Limited Workshop to see how you can capitalize on this little know benefit.

Linda & Gary