Robert (63) & Elaine (66)


Elaine never worked and could not qualify for Social Security from her own records because she was a stay at home mom and never worked.  Robert had intended to wait until age 70 to file for his Social Security which would maximize his benefit to pass onto Elaine when he sides.  His estimated age 70 Social Security checks will be $2,627.


After reviewing their family history, both Robert and Elaine explained that no sibling or parent lived past age 80, therefore, our Social Security Analyser suggested the following:


If Robert files for Social Security today (age 63) he will collect  $1599 monthly, however, after he files, Elaine is eligible to collect 1/2 of his full Social Security benefit because she is full retirement age (66.) 




  • Robert's Social Security check is    $1,599

  • Elaine's 1/2 of his age 66                 $   965

  • Total monthly check                     =  $2,564 


They will collect this amount for the next 7 years, whereas, they were drawing from his IRA and planned to do so until he is 70.




Their only income source other than Social Security is to draw from Robert's IRA and they need $2000 a month to live.   This would exhaust the $200,000 in Robert's IRA by the time he would start his Social Security at age 70.  Now they will have more than enough for expenses and all of his IRA.   This will allow his IRA to grow over the next 4 years to get them late into retirement.


Their breakeven to maximize Social Security indicated they would both have to live beyond age 85, and their family history suggests that is unlikely.