Michael J Eberhardt from Lifetime Solutions, the President of the East Valley Chapter of SOFA is host of these events.  These events are educational only and nothing will be  sold or offer at these events.


The 2016 bipartisan budget enacted in April was a game changer, making it a little tougher to maximize Social Security Income however not impossible.   We provide complimentary workshops or private consultations to illustrate new filing strategies that enable new concepts that allow individuals and couples to generate greater retirement income with built in inflationary increases. The workshops and consultations are always complimentary, including a complete income analysis upon request.



According to government studies, it's been determined that Social Security represents over 40 percent of the retirement income needed. Once of the most important factors of proper planning to understand how to maximize benefits before you file.



The most important factors to consider when filing for benefits is to understand all sources of retirement income and what source of funds to draw from first. The wrong strategy could cost you up to 72% of your Social Security benefits.  



The wrong strategy could cost you up to $300,000 in lifetime benefits.  You only get one chance to get it right and the employees a the Social Security Administration CANNOT and WILL NOT provide that best solution for you.