Life Starts after Retirement!


Topics we will discuss:

  • Now versus later; how to decide when you should apply for benefits

  • Ways to maximize your Social Security benefits

  • Spousal benefits

  • What happens if your spouse is still working

  • How divorce or death can affect your Social Security income

  • Three biggest mistakes people make with Social Security

  • Ways you can reduce taxes on Social Security

  • Ways to really make the best decisions on Social Security for you



Learn ways to maximize your Social Security Benefits, pay less in taxes and have your questions answered.



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The vast majority of Americans, 78 percent, say they’re “extremely” or “somewhat” concerned about not having enough money for retirement., according to Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 Planning & Progress Study.


And for good reason: A shocking 21 percent of Americans have nothing at all saved for the future, and another 10 percent have less than $5,000 tucked away, the study finds.


Who’s Banking on Social Security?


Nearly nine out of 10 Americans aged 65 or older currently receive Social Security. The Social Security Administration estimates that 21% of married couples and 43% of single seniors rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 36% of near-retirees say they expect Social Security to be a major source of income once they retire. 



Not Actual Client Photos

We helped Gary & Linda increase their checks by $900 a month from Social Security.   

They will also receive $32,000 additional benefits over the next four years. 

We helped Patti collect benefits from her first husband.

She was married and divorced twice, she didn't realize she could collect from her first husband.

Joan and Berry discovered if either required nursing care, the other could protect income and cash from a spend-down.

This was a concern because Berry was diagnosed with advanced Parkinson's disease.

Don & Geneva were shocked to learn they were paying more than 3% in annual fees. 

We helped them avoid all fees and increase their annual income substantially.  

Betty & Robert were contemplating a divorce after 9 1/2  years of marriage.  We explained the negative effect it would have on Betty's Social Security Benefits. 
They agreed to a 6-month deferment to help Betty.


Avoid fees for early withdrawals on accounts with penalties.
Never lose money due to costly penalties for early IRA or 401(k) withdrawals.

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