Success Stories For Past Workshop Attendees


Gary & Linda

Linda said; “We almost filed for our Social Security after I retired at 63.  Gary was 66 and still working so we figured we should both take our Social Security immediately making our combined Social Security $44,000 a year.


I am glad we attended Michael's workshop; we would have lost $11,000 a year if we would have filed at that time”.

“Michael suggested that Gary file a ‘Restricted Application’ and draw ½ of my check and let his Social Security grow 8% a year for the next four years which will increase our annual checks $11,000.  That’s not all; Gary will receive over $32,000 over the next four years from my Social Security while he grows”.  I would recommend Michael’s Workshop to anyone.


Pete & Gloria

Both age 64,  they wanted to retire now, the concern; if they retire soon, his pension will not start until age 65 and wasn't sure they could afford the cost of insurance without starting their Social Security early.  

We were able to create an income projection, using a portion of their savings to generate an income bridge to subsidize their income to cover their health insurance for a year until they were eligible for Medicare until he can start his Pension.

We also illustrated an income project to show how Gloria could take her Social Security at age 66 and he could defer starting his until he is 70 to maximize his Social Security.  

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Robert & Elaine

Robert intended to wait until age 70 to file for Social Security to maximize his benefit until we explained it would be better to register now even though his checks will be less now.  


By filing now, Elaine can collect 1/2 of his age 66 Benefit because she is full retirement age (66.)  After Robert files, Elaine will receive $999 from Robert's records.

Thus, both collecting benefits starting now for an extra seven years, a big difference for their lifestyle.

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"After my divorce, I had $200,000 and  $1100 a month Social Security. I was renting an apartment for $1050 a month and drawing from my savings to live.  After going to Michael's workshop, he explained that I could buy a home, pay 50% up front and the government will pay the other 50% and I would not have payments.  I now in a $200,000 Townhouse, I paid $100,000 out of pocket, keeping $100,000 in the bank for emergencies. I can now live on my Social Security and will not need to take from my savings. Thank you, Michael."


Dimp & Georgia

"It never occurred to us that it's possible to protect our principal and earnings from market risks and make money when the markets are bullish."

"It's comforting not to have to watch our Investments every day."


Jack & Liz

​They want to retire within five years and were concerned about their 401(k) investments in the Market.   

Jack is 60 and Liz is 58, and both will work until age 65.  We suggested Jack "Flush" his 401(K) to an IRA since he is over 59 1/2 and select some safe no-rick Annuities with Guaranteed Growth when the market increases with no risk of loss with market corrections.  Jack will continue to contribute to his 401(K) with company matching and let his employers matching protect his contribution from market risk. 

Liz will not be eligible to Transfer her 401(K) to an IRA until she is 59 1/2, so we suggested she move the bulk of her 401(K) into low-risk income producing stable value funds.   We also indicated she should continue to contribute to her 401(K) until she turns 59 1/2, and then transfer the balance into a safe IRA annuity at that time and continue to add to her 401(K) with company matching.  The company matching will help protect her contribution from market swings.


Harvey & Marilyn

Harvey was 66 & Marilyn 69,  Marilyn started collecting her Social Security at age 62 and her check's today is $450 monthly.   Harvey wanted to wait until age 70 because his Social Security would be about $2,841 at that time.  

We explained there was no need to wait until age 70 because he could file a Restricted Application and collect 1/2 of what Marilyn's Social Security Check today or $316 a month until he's 70 and he will still receive $2,841 a month. 

This strategy will put an extra $2,150 a year in his pocket until he's 70.

They said: "Wow,  that will pay the annual fees for both of our Timeshares."

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Karl & Marilyn

"After meeting with Michael, we learned we could save over $3,000 a year in taxes with just a few adjustments with our investments.  These savings will make a big difference in our lifestyle.  We plan to spend it this year on our cruise".


Thanks for your help

Karl & Marilyn