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Retirement & Social Social Security Tips- Free Wine Tasting

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Sat, Sep 07 | Mesa Main Library

Retirement & Social Social Security Tips

 Mesa Main Library

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Mesa, AZ 85201

10:00 AM – 11:15 AM

About These Events

Retirement & Social Security Tips 

Common Social Security Mistakes

How to find and eliminate hidden fees (not found on your statement)

Increase your retirement income by up to 40%!

Increase your lifetime income up to $200,000 using the latest annuity strategies.

New accumulation annuities can outperform at-risk investments.

Did you know your Variable annuity is charging you outrageous fees?

How to avoid earning 1/3 of the expected return from your guaranteed income annuity.

Timing strategies guaranteed to increase income option - pick up an extra $100,000!

The MOST IMPORTANT annuity guarantee every retiree should have, without paying for it.

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What Other's Are Saying!

"After my divorce, I had $200,000 and $1100 a month Social Security. I was renting an apartment for $1050 a month and drawing from my savings to live. After going to Michael's workshop, he explained that I could buy a home, pay 50% upfront and the government will pay the other 50% and I would not have payments. I now live in a $200,000 Townhouse, I paid $100,000 out of pocket, keeping $100,000 in the bank for emergencies. I can now live on my Social Security and will not need to take from my savings. Thank you, Michael."



"After meeting with Michael, we learned we could save over $3,000 a year in taxes with just a few adjustments with our investments. These savings will make a big difference in our lifestyle. We plan to spend it this year on our cruise!"

Thanks for your help, Karl & Marilyn 


“Michael suggested that Gary file a ‘Restricted Application’ and draw ½ of my check and let his Social Security grow 8% a year for the next four years which will increase our annual checks $11,000. That’s not all; Gary will receive over $32,000 over the next four years from my Social Security while he grows. I would recommend Michael’s Workshop to anyone."

Gary and Linda


Harvey was 66 & Marilyn 69, Marilyn started collecting her Social Security at age 62 and her check's today is $450 monthly. Harvey wanted to wait until age 70 because his Social Security would be about $2,841 at that time. We explained there was no need to wait until age 70 because he could file a Restricted Application and collect 1/2 of what Marilyn's Social Security Check today or $316 a month until he's 70 and he will still receive $2,841 a month. ​ This strategy will put an extra $2,150 a year in his pocket until he's 70. ​"Wow, that will pay the annual fees for both of our Timeshares."




✔️Is there a cost to attend?

No, there is no cost to attend.


✔️Do I need to bring anything?

No, you will be provided with a pen and paper to take notes.


✔️Will any investments or investment products be discussed?

No, there will not be any discussion of any investments whatsoever.


✔️Will I be pitched or sold anything?

No. Our classes are strictly educational. The most common feedback we receive is how nice it is to attend a truly educational workshop with no pressure.

✔️ Is this sponsored by the Social Security administration?

No, our speaker is a member of the non-profit organization - "The Society For Financial Awareness"

Not affiliated with any government entities. The SSA isn't allowed to give financial advice on ways to increase benefits or decrease taxes on SS benefits. Our presenters are qualified professionals and can legally provide the tips you will need.