Michael J Eberhardt, a Social Security & Income Specialist provides No-Cost phone or in person consultations to answer your questions about Social Security, Pension Elections, 401k Roll-overs, IRA Transfers and Lifetime Income Solutions.   


Schedule a complimentary appointment by phone or in person.  Michae's office is in his home located in Gilbert, Arizona as mapped below.   


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  • When is the best time to file for benefits?

  • How to determine what you are entitled to collect

  • What're the best options available if single or married? 

  • What can I expect to collect from an ex-spouse?

  • What about a deceased spouse

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There is no such thing as  "A DUMB QUESTION," it's just "DUMB" to Elect a "Pension Payout" or file for "Social Security" without knowing all the options.